What's New in Publishing Assistant 6.1


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New Features

Custom Layout

  • A significantly improved and more flexible interface for creating and configuring custom page layout configurations.
  • Ability to group and order multiple note types within a single frame.

More New Features ...

General Improvements

  • Improvements for how \xt fields are broken into multiple lines.
  • Allow a user to specify a bottom inset spacing of zero for the notes frame.
  • Change tables (changes.txt, headerChanges.txt, captionChanges.txt, finalChanges.txt, undoChanges.txt) now run in a fully Unicode aware environment.
  • Support additional image formats when replacing low resolution JPGs from the project figures folder with high resolution images. PA now automatically places a .PDF, .INDD, .AI, .TIF / TIFF or .IDML file which has the same base name.
  • Better default settings for Adjust Pictures tool (starts with adjust options disabled; sets the the current figure values of wrap and caption).
  • Improved support for marginal verse numbers when using ID 2020.
  • Code modernization.
  • A general application performance improvement of approximately 20%.

Other Changes

  • InitialChanges.txt is no longer supported or required.
  • The default book name in headers will be the contents of \h, instead of being the short name in Paratext’s Scripture Reference Settings. 
    Note: this only affects the default book name. If a user specifies a book name source with a custom header code, like <bc.h>, <bcv.h>, <bc.s>, or <bcv.s>, then the source in the custom header code will prevail.
  • Provide better information when warning about template bundle changes (fewer false positives; indicate which files have changed).
  • Renewed user documentation.
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