Getting Started

User and Project Registration

In order to use Publishing Assistant for typesetting a Paratext project, the following registration requirements must be met:

1. You must be a registered Paratext user.

Find detailed information on user, organization, and project registration at the Paratext websiteIn order to download and install Paratext, follow the instructions on the Paratext Download page.

2. You must be approved as a Publishing Assistant user.

3. The project you wish to typeset must be registered and granted Publisher Tier status.

See the Paratext website for details on organization and project registration.

Registered projects get access to Translator Tier right away. Then, after a couple weeks for internal review by your organization, they are visible to reviewers in other organizations. Assuming the projects are in good standing, their status updates to Publisher Tier automatically. The process is community driven, with arbitration by the Paratext board of governors in the case of any disputes.

4. You must be a member of the registered Paratext project.

If the registered project is not available on your computer, contact the project Administrator and request to be added to the project with the ‘Typesetter’ role. Then use Paratext Send/Receive to download the project’s files to your system.

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